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Draggy and draw back issues

Need technical advice ?
Daphne Tan
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Draggy and draw back issues

Postby Daphne Tan » Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:42 am

I’ve just bought my fit 1.3 and all seems well for the first week but then car started to have draggy issue when picking off especially at low gear from 0-50km/hour. U can hear really tougher and draggy engine sound and car felt like like dragging tons of metal. No error code light was indicated and we thought it maybe a filthy fuel filter so we changed it but problem still exist. There is also an issue of draw back of the car when intermittent brake was applied and the car starts to slow down and draw backs and stop. We eventually did a computer error code check and it indicated that the catalytic converter and abs pump was faulty. We changed it but the two issues still exist.

Me and my mechanic really suspect maybe ignition coil is faulty causing misfiring but we really have no idea what is causing the draggy of the car and the draw back issue. Can anyone pls help?!

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