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Post by DIRT22 » Thu Dec 14, 2006 3:00 am

Dear Forum User,

Please refrain from putting advertisements in your individual signatures. These can include (but are not limited to) selling of products new or old, promotion of services or the promotion of shops and businesses and commercial websites. These would be considered as "illegal" advertisements outside of the designated Want To Sell/Want To Buy folders. This will be extended to include illegal advertisements found in member's avatars as well.

In addition if you are representing a business or any such commercial entity or are running a sideline providing services etc, you are required to pay advertisement fees (posting advertisements in your signature without having paid advertising fees is NOT a loophole!). If you wish to continue to advertise in SHC Forum, please contact (via PM) the Administrator-In-Charge VTECian for details. The Moderators reserve the right to remove any unauthorised advertisements without warning and without notice.

With regards to personal advertisements, we will not allow for exceptions as well. It is exceedingly difficult for the Forum Staff to go through each and every member signature to verify whether the advertisement is a genuine "legal" example or a cleverly worded exploitation by some shady member. Thus the blanket ban on ALL advertisements in signatures and avatars. The proper folder/s to place your advertisements will be in the Want to Sell and Want To Buy folders, no where else!

There will be a grace period for all SHC Forum members to remove their own (illegal) signatures. This will be until December 31st 2006. After this date, the Moderators and Administrators will progressively remove the (illegal) signatures of all errant Forum members.

In the meantime SHC Staff will be progressively removing the signatures of those who have been advertising for provision of services (modification, insurance, car sales etc) as well as commercial sites for product and services retail.

Forum members are still welcome to attach pictures of (for example) cars from tuning arms like Mugen, JUN, J'sRacing, Spoon, TODA etc. If the picture has the orignal Japanese website of the company that is fine too (unless of course we have proof that you own the company!), but we will draw the line at a website that links to a 3rd party company that retails such products. In addition please do not use such pictures to indirectly drum up interest for products that your company or yourself can import and/or sell; we will consider that an infraction as well.

If you find your signature edited, please do not re-include the advertisement; we will track all those whose signatures we have edited/removed and a repeated infraction might result in your Forum access being restricted.

Thank you all for your understanding and attention!

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