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Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:17 pm
by DIRT22
Dear Forum Member,

Please find a draft set of Group Buy folder Guidelines as well as Rules and Regulations below. These are specific to the Group Buy folder are should be applied on top of the pre-existing SHC Forum terms and conditions as well as Rules and Regulations.

Before you proceed to make use of or to post in the Group Buy folder, please read through all the points below. By proceeding with making use of or posting in the Group Buy folder you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Guidelines and Rules and Regulations.

Thank you for your attention!

Each Group Buy should be properly titled so that other users can know what the thread is calling for. In addition, if the Group Buy thread does not have a target number of participants to hit to obtain a better pricing it DOES NOT QUALIFY as a Group Buy and will be removed at the discretion of the Moderators or Administrators.

"Need 20 cars to enjoy 50% off window tinting price of $XXX at AhSengTinting" - This is an example of a correct layout.

Nominally the threadstarter should be participating in the Group Buy. If the threadstarter is not participating in the Group Buy, do pass the contacts along to others to organise a Group Buy of their own. The purpose of this folder is for users to get together to have greater bargaining power with vendors, thus it is not important as to who is the one organising or who is the one liasing with the vendor. It also raises certain suspicions as to intent if a threadstarter is too secretive about his sources or be very unwilling to divulge further information.

As such ANY Group Buy posting that has dubious content (this will be at the discretion of the Moderators) will be removed without warning.

Threadstarters should also be prepared to be around to answer questions with regards to his or her Group Buy. If a thread has been opened and left to fend for itself, it will be removed even if the time-frame has not been exceeded and the threadstarter may be placed on a watch-list for Group Buy abusers. In short, please do not post and then disappear! Do it too often (this "often" is also at the discretion of the moderators) and you might find yourself "disappearing" too.

Each Group Buy will be allowed a time-frame of One (1) Month for the Group Buy to be processed. Please include the START and END DATES within your post; if you have exceeded the time-frame but only need a few more participants please PM the Moderators for an extension. Group Buys that have exceeded the time-frame and are well-short of the target number of participants will be removed anytime within One (1) Week after their expiry.

If you strongly feel that you have a good bargain and wish to give yourself a second chance at getting your item at Group Buy prices, please PM the Moderators with your case. After reviewing your arguments you may be granted a second attempt at calling for the same Group Buy. This Group Buy will be subject to the same conditions as before and will have the same time-allowance of One (1) Month. This second Group Buy will also be allowed an extension if the time-frame expires and you only need a few more participants. However if the time-frame expires once again with your list well-short of the minimum participants, you will not be allowed to post the same Group Buy again.

* Moderators who receive these PMs should post in the Moderators folder highlighting the actions taken so that all other Moderators are made aware of the situation.

If you are running a business and/or am affiliated to any workshop and thus have vested interests in promoting or selling items, this folder is not for you. Please contact our Administrator VTECian directly via PM with regards to advertisement fees. Pending payment of the appropriate advertisement fees your post will be allowed in the WTS (Want To Sell) folder.

The Group Buy folder is NOT AVAILABLE for paid advertisements at this point in time, as such if you fall into the above types you WILL NOT be allowed to post your Group Buy advertisements here.

In addition, the Group Buy folder IS NOT for traders or shops to offload their stocks (excess or otherwise). Any user found misusing the Group Buy folder in this way will have his or her posts summarily removed and you will be black-marked. Similarly, users that are acting on behalf of shops will be dealt with in the same way. There is a difference between organising a Group Buy to get better prices for yourself, and organising a Group Buy to help your friend or yourself "who runs a shop/business/sideline".

Please keep the level of off-topic posts in this folder to the minimum. As with most threads, respect the threadstarter and his or her intentions. If you have questions to ask the threadstarter with regards to his or her Group Buy you are most welcome to post, but if you only have one or two smileys to add please STOP YOURSELF from posting since it will only clog up the pages with inane and worthless chatter. There is a time and place for everything and this folder is not for chatting.

Threadstarters if you are affected by such off-topic chat you are welcome to PM the Moderators such that we can take appriopriate action.

* Moderators reserve the right to discretionally remove the off-topic posts of users if they are deemed to be messing up the threads.

Please be mindful of the dangers of internet trading and/or transactions. As with all transactions, the users participating in Group Buys do so AT THEIR OWN RISK. SHC Forum cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may possibly arise as a result of said transactions, be it failure to deliver, lack of local warranty, lack of after sales support and the like. SHC Forum only provides this Group Buy folder for users to come together for their own Group Buy purposes; we do not organise nor endorse any such deals.

The bottom line is BUYER BEWARE when it comes to transactions effected over the internet and/or phone, so the responsibility is on the buyer to be aware of what he/she is doing when they transfer sometimes large sums of money over to people they might not even have met before. Protect yourself by understanding what manners of recourse you would have in case things don't go as planned!

SHC Forum can only SUGGEST methods that might be more "safe" than others; how Forum users choose to transact eventually is beyond the control of the Administrators and Moderators. For those truly paranoid (or ultra play-safe types, depending on how you look at it) you might wish to organise a meetup with the Threadstarter, allowing you to meet him or her in person. If money needs to be involved before the transfer of goods, perhaps it might benefit both sides for the Threadstarter to issue an IOU that would only be valid in duplicate so that both organiser and buyer would have some form of black and white that promises something for something. This is by no means a perfect system, but it provides some food for thought for all users concerned.

For an explanation of SHC Forum's position on utilising the services of PayPal and other verification processes, please read here:

>>>>> <<<<<
Courtesy of our resident Administrator VTECian

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the Guidelines and Rules and Regulations for use of the Group Buy folder. SHC Forum reserves the right to add to the above if and as and when necessary.

We have been seeing some abuse of the Group Buy folder, and some of you might have noticed entire threads disappearing. We will continue to monitor the situation, and we hope that it will not reach a point where the Group Buy thread becomes unmanageable and has to be removed. That would be a shame for the rest of the genuine lobang sharing cases and the SHC community on the whole.

Please note that repeated offences will definitely get you into Moderator trouble with our staff; we do not take too kindly to people who just cannot abide by the house rules and try to play loopholes with us at every step.

For and On Behalf Of
SHC Forum

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 1:17 pm
by DIRT22

Just a noteworthy reminder to all users of the Group Buy folder!

"...we do not take too kindly to people who just cannot abide by the house rules and try to play loopholes with us at every step..."

This Group Buy folder has been provided as an additional service to the users of SHC Forum. If any user does not see fit to operate by our guidelines, or decide to not co-operate when we are performing our Forum duties, we naturally reserve the right to remove their Group Buys AS AND WHEN we see fit.

Please do not point fingers at the Forum Staff for being unreasonable if you decide to either not read or not follow the posted guidelines which we believe are clear enough, explanation-wise.

For and On Behalf Of
SHC Forum