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SHC's visit to the Honda plant in Alor Gajah, Malaysia
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Post by VTECian » Wed Oct 25, 2006 6:10 pm

1. Each convoy shall have a Leader (first car of each convoy) and a Sweeper (last car of each convoy). The Leader and Sweeper shall be in charge of giving instructions to convoy members. Please co-operate with your Leader and Sweeper.

2. For this convoy to Honda plant, all convoy members are to maintain their position in their respective convoys as far as possible, unless instructed by the Leader or Sweeper to do so otherwise.

3. All cars will be issued with a yellow numbered sticker to be pasted on the rear windscreen at the top right corner. Please take note of your number as well as the number of the car in front of you and maintain position in your convoy in that order.

4. All cars are to travel in a single line convoy at all times unless instructed by the Leader or Sweeper.

5. No car is allowed to overtake unless instructed by the Leader or Sweeper or unless it is necessary to do so.

6. When travelling in convoy, please switch on your headlights at all times. Do not high beam.

7. Please keep your walkie talkie turned on at all times during the convoy and ensure that it is audible so that you can receive instructions. Please bring spare batteries.

8. You will be informed of the frequency to be used for your walkie talkie before departure. Please do not switch to any other frequency during the convoy.

9. Please maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Do not tailgate. Conversely, do not maintain too big a gap such that the convoy is broken and radio signal is lost.

10. Please keep an eye on the cars ahead of you in the convoy and not just the immediate car ahead of you. If you see them braking, you should prepare to brake as well.

11. In the event that any convoy member has to stop at a traffic light, please radio in immediately so that the Leader can slow down or stop for you to rejoin the convoy.

12. If any of the convoy members are not in formation, please rejoin the convoy ASAP. In this regard, please give way to fellow convoy members.

13. If other cars need to enter your lane, please give way and do not insist on your right of way. We are in a foreign land and you will have more to lose in the event of a collision.

14. If you need to stop for any reason, please radio in immediately and give sufficient advance notice so that the Leader can react accordingly.

15. At no time shall any of the convoy cars be behind the Sweeper's.

16. When passing through toll booths, please proceed to the Touch n Go lane if you have a Touch n Go card or to the ordinary paying lane if you don't. Thereafter, rejoin the convoy which will be waiting at the side of the road.

17. Do not get out of your car unless instructed by the Leader or Sweeper to do so.

18. Please fill up with a full tank of petrol at Petronas 2nd link before departure.

19. If you need to top up your tank at the Caltex station at R&R Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh, please do so before the convoy sets off to Alor Gajah after breakfast.

20. Happy convoying!



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