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UPDATED INFORMATION - 17/11/06, 1715 hrs

SHC's visit to the Honda plant in Alor Gajah, Malaysia
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UPDATED INFORMATION - 17/11/06, 1715 hrs

Post by VTECian » Tue Oct 24, 2006 12:30 am

To avoid any confusion, this thread has been designated by the HPVOC as the thread to contain the most updated information for the Honda plant visit. It will be edited from time to time as we receive updates from TOVA and as we finalise our plans. As such, please make it a point to read this thread regularly.

Please do not TCSS in this thread. If you have any queries, please ask them in a separate thread so that we can keep this thread clean and easy to read.

Finalised List

The following list of 50 persons is the final list of persons who have successfully signed up for and paid for the trip. This list is final and cannot be changed.

1. Justin, VTECian and KCLEO
2. Kelvin, tankb07
3. Kenneth, EKen4 (with 3 others)
4. Taikyu and partner
5. yongwd and partner
6. Eng Joo, TODA_K20 and partner
7. Alan, Alan23 and partner
8. Gary, Phuturist & partner
9. SpeedStar & Warblader (withdrawn)
10. Zen,Ivtecody
11. Dennis, Nautgeo and partner
12. Karmakns, Karma (withdrawn)
13. Guiming, stylomilo & partner
14. Junning & 3 members
15. Edmund and partner, irvan
16. Paul, cl7teckie
17. Lim, Napier
18. Jac, Snookium & parnter
19. sleepwalker & partner
20. dedric08 and wife
21. Vincent and partner, fatelmo
22. Tek Wee & partner, floser75
23. Tommy & wife, Tomminator
24. K K Lo & James Lee
25. acechew and partner
26. Bernard, 2cubed

Please note that the particulars of all 49 persons above and their cars have been submitted to Honda Malaysia for pre-registration. This is necessary as Honda Malaysia is buying insurance using this list. This list is final and no changes will be allowed. If you cannot go, your slot will be forfeited.

The Itinerary on 18 November 2006

Please note the following changes from the previous details that were given:

a. The timings have been pushed back so we no longer need to leave Petronas at 2nd link at 0415 hrs. However, please remember that 18 November 2006 is the 1st day of the school holidays so the traffic at the 2nd link is likely to build up quite early. As such, please allow yourself enough time to reach Petronas 2nd link by 0500 hrs.

b. Due to the lack of a car park of sufficient size to accomodate 170 cars, Honda Malaysia has rented car park space at A.Farmosa resort nearby to the Honda plant for us visitors. Buses have been chartered to ferry us to and from A.Farmosa to the plant.

c. Lunch has been catered at A.Farmosa by Honda Malaysia.

d. Each visitor will receive a goodie bag from Honda Malaysia.

By 0500 hrs - Assemble at Petronas station at 2nd link for final briefing and and form up

0515 hrs - Move off in convoys from Petronas station by 0515hrs.
Latecomers will be left behind. Toilet breaks at R&R Yong Peng / R&R Pagoh on a "need to stop" basis (we will lose precious time if we keep stopping and you will have less time for breakfast!)

By 0715 hrs - Arrive at R&R Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh (209km marker)

0715 hrs to 0750 hrs - Breakfast

0750 hrs - Entire convoy to form up

0755 hrs - Entire convoy to move off

0805 hrs - Exit at Alor Gajah exit (216km marker)

0815 hrs : Arrive at A-Famosa and Parking Marshall will take over

0930 hrs : Registration

1015 hrs : All participants in hall

1030 hrs : Event Start by HM

1050 hrs : Token Exchange with HM and OC

1130 hrs : HM Presentation

1145 to 1230 hrs : Lunch

1230hrs : Board buses for Honda Plant

1245 hrs : Bus 1 leave for Honda Plant

1315 hrs : Tour starts. We will be split up into 7 groups by HMSB and each group taken by dedicated tour guides for the factory floor tour. After the tour there will be group photo session for each group, after the photo session board buses back to A-Famosa

1530 hrs : Expected end-time

After the event - We will proceed to dinner and head back to Singapore. Location to be confirmed but likely to be Malacca or A&W. Please inform us if you do not wish to follow the convoy to dinner or back to Singapore
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Post by VTECian » Tue Oct 24, 2006 12:56 am

The Convoy
We will be travelling in convoy(s) from:

a. Petronas station at 2nd Link to R&R Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh;
b. R&R Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh to the assembly point at A.Farmosa at Alor Gajah

with toilet breaks in between at R&R Yong Peng / R&R Pagoh on a "need to stop" basis.

For those who do not wish to join the convoy for (a), please ensure that you rejoin the convoy at R&R Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh by 0915 hrs. Again, latecomers will be left behind as we cannot wait and risk being late.

Please note that the convoy is compulsory for (b) as we have to arrive at the assembly point together.

For the (a) convoy, there are likely to be three (3) separate convoys as it is difficult for 20+ cars to travel in 1 convoy. Details of these 3 convoys are being worked out.

Each car will be issued with a yellow numbered sticker. Please stick this sticker on your rear windscreen at the top right hand corner for easy identificaton. Please leave this sticker on your car for the duration of the trip.

We strongly encourage all participants to bring a walkie talkie so that you can keep in contact with other members of your convoy easily. If you need to call the HPVOC at any time during the trip, please call +6017-2738389.

If you do not know where is the Petronas station at 2nd link or if you have never driven in Malaysia at night before, please let us know before the trip.

Rules & Regulations

1. Proper attire. Please wear your SHC or sub-group polo-shirt. If you do not have any of these, wear a polo-shirt at least. For ladies, no miniskirt, sleeveless blouse etc. Please wear long pants / jeans. No shorts or bermudas. Please wear shoes. No slippers, sandals, high heels etc.

2. No cameras of any kind are allowed and no photo taking is allowed inside the factory.

3. No handphones are allowed inside the factory. Please lock your handphones in your car or in the SHC show cars (at your own risk).

4. No children.

5. To ensure timeliness and orderly conduct during the tour of the plant, each club has been asked to appoint 3-5 warden who will be given the authority to blacklist uncooperative members. These wardens will help to ensure order and that all participants in each group obeys the plant tour rules (for our own safety). Please co-operate with them.

6. For the tour, participants will be grouped into 7 groups of 40 persons each. As we have 47 persons (as of now), SHC members will be split into 2 groups of 40 and 7 respectively. The wardens in charge of the group of 40 are VTECian, KCLEO, Fatelmo and EKen4. The warden in charge of the group of 7 is CL7teckie.

7. Wear the provided caps at all times (if provided).

8. Follow the designated guide and security instructions.

9. Inform the guide even if you need to go to the washroom.

10. Always remain outside the production line (white line)

11. Do not smoke at non-designated areas.

12. Do not touch any parts / body / production cars / machine.

13. Do not take any parts without permission.

14. Do not distract associates while they are working, eg. interacting with them.

15. Do not enter prohibited areas.

16. Do not take unnecessary risks, eg. running, driving car without permission etc.

Finalised Bus List

Please note the Bus numbers which you will be on from A.Farmosa to Honda Plant for the tour:

Bus Number 7 (SHC + HCOC)
- Departure from A.Farmosa at 1345 hrs
Bus Marshall: Edward Foo from HCOC

1. Gay Eng Joo
2. Gay Tong Beng
3. Lim Sze Thye
4. Royston Ng
5. Wu Chee Kin (Warden)
6. Chew Cherk Ern
7. Khoo Yew Kim

Bus Number 6 (SHC) - 38 pax
- Departure from A.Farmosa at 1335 hrs
Bus Marshal: Ong Chin Ling, Wang Junning

2. Tan Kian Boon
3. Poon Meng Jin Dennis
4. Hooi Weng Phun (Warden)
5. Leow Hui Chin (Warden)
6. Tan Joo Kiat, Kenneth (Warden)
7. Tan Sim Seng
8. Koh Yit Chin
9. Yeo Chor Soon Lewis
10. Nye Thong Teik Kelvin
11. Tang Peibin
12. Lim Kok Wah
13. Ng Wei Howe
14. Wong Shi Hau (Tommy)
15. Goh Boon Eng (Jessie)
16. Lim Chong Yong
17. Bernard Gan Lye Huat
18. Lee King Leong
19. Chan Siew Tin Irene
20. Lee Kok Hiong
21. Ng Ruo Bing
22. Alan Lim Wei Han
23. Angela Teo
24. Xu Guiming
25. Lin Meiling
26. Lee Fong Nien Gary
27. Awyong Siew Ee
28. James Chan Yew Hon
29. Ching Loong
30. Lo Kok Kei
31. Lee Kuo Chang
32. Foo Boon Teng (Warden)
33. Stanley Goh Boon Lee
34. Ong Tek Wee
35. Lee Sou Cheng
36. Ong Teng Tai
37. Lim Syu Gim
38. Lim Siew Hong, Angeline

* Please note that the role of the Bus Marshal is to to help HM control the people in the bus (get them to board quickly, disembark quickly, etc). Junning, your appointment as Bus Marshal was not by HPVOC FYI but please assist if possible. To the rest, please co-operate with your Bus Marshal.

Tour Routine
View point 1: Admin office
View point 2: Test track
View point 3: Manufacturing
View point 4: Traffic
View point 5: PDI
Factory tour – walk through tour[/b]
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Post by VTECian » Tue Oct 24, 2006 1:07 am

Pre-departure Briefing

The HPVOC will be organising a pre-departure briefing at the SHC meetup on Friday 3 November 2006. Please make an effort to attend the briefing so that you can meet the people in your convoy and raise any final questions you may have. There must be a common understanding of the dos and don't so that the trip will be a safe and enjoyable one.

Please also bring your walkies to test if you are unsure if your walkie is compatible with ours.

HPVOC will also be bringing some white Malaysian immigration forms for those who require them. Please approach us if you need forms (whilst stocks last).

Other matters

1. Please carry out all necessary pre-long distance journey checks on your cars before departure. Eg. servicing, check fluid levels, tyre pressure, spare tyre, bulbs etc. If your car breaks down during the trip, we may not be able to wait for you as we have a tight schedule to adhere to.

2. Please ensure that you and your passengers have sufficient passport validity.

3. Please ensure that you bring sufficient ringgit for road toll, petrol, meals and other incidentals. For road toll, you will need an estimated RM90 and S$7.40 in your Cashcard (in total).

4. Please bring your Touch N Go card for Malaysian toll if you have one.

5. We suggest that you pack some snacks and drinks in your car. While we plan to stop for breakfast for Jejantas and while lunch will be provided at A.Farmosa, you may like to have some snacks and drinks in your car, just in case.

6. All participants are expected to wear their club shirts to the visit. Please wear your SHC crew shirt / polo-shirt / sub-group polo-shirt if you have one. Remember, we are the only group going from Singapore and we represent SHC! If you do not have a SHC shirt, the dress code is collared T-shirt, preferably WHITE and LONG PANTS. No shorts, singlets, round neck Tees are allowed. For shoes, please wear either leather shoes or sports shoes. No sandals, slippers, high-heels or
open design shoes (like the ladies like to wear). For our safety.

7. Walkie Talkies. Please bring your walkies (with spare batteries). If you don't have a walkie, please try to borrow one or buy one. Popular models are the Motorola T5720 or T5500. If in doubt if your walkie can is compatible with ours, please post to ask and I'm sure you'll get a reply.

8. Please remember to keep your car doors locked at all times when driving.

9. Bring your spare key / alarm remote.

10. Please ensure that your road tax disc is valid.

11. Please carry your car insurance documents in your car.

12. Please exercise maximum courtesy to our host Honda Malaysia during this event. As can be seen, Honda Malaysia CEO Mizuno-san has spared no effort to make our visit comfortable. Therefore, please refrain from making any complaints or bad comments during the visit. It is common courtesy and good manners not to criticise the host. Please also do likewise for the many Malaysia Honda clubs which we will be meeting.

13. Upon arrival, you will be required to register for the visit based on the Pre-Registration list which has been submitted. You will then be given a badge and a goodie bag. This badge is your "ticket" to the Honda plant. Only those with badges will be allowed to board the buses and the guards will also check the badges before allowing entry into the factory. Hence, I would suggest you put on your badge once you get it.

14. Please note that gate crashers will not be allowed to register and hence will be denied entry to the plant. The reason is simple: HM has bought insurance for the list of participants which has been submitted to them. If you are not in the list, you are not covered and cannot enter.

15. By going for this trip, you and your passengers unconditionally agree that this trip is undertaken at your own risk entirely and neither SHC, HPVOC nor any of the SHC administrators or moderators shall be held responsible for any injury or death of any person or any loss or damage to your personal belongings/cars howsoever arising or caused.

16. As an added security, you can choose to lock your belongings such as mobile phones, cameras, camcorders etc in the SHC showcars which will be monitored by full time security (we are told). Alternatively you can lock them in your own cars. It is up to you. Please approach HPVOC during lunchtime if you wish to lock your belongings in the showcars. Please write your names on the stickers which will be provided by HPVOC and stick them on your personal belongings for easy identification later on. Please note Point 15 above.

17. Upon arrival at the assembly point in Alor Gajah, the organising committee will distribute numbered car stickers for each of our cars. These stickers are to assist the parking wardens when we drive into the A.Farmosa carpark. Please stick the sticker at the right side of your rear windscreen.

18. Please display your SHC decal proudly on your car! :D

19. Honda Malaysia requires all participants to complete and sign an indemnity form. This form is to be given to Honda Malaysia upon registration at A.Farmosa. Those with incomplete or unsigned forms will not be allowed to board the bus to the Honda plant. Please approach HPVOC at 2nd link Petronas / R&R Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh to collect your forms and fill them up before we arrive at A.Farmosa. This is important.
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Post by VTECian » Wed Nov 01, 2006 12:17 am

General Information on the Honda Plant visit

1. TOVA (Temple of Vtec Asia)

Organizing Committee
1. President of HAVOC
2. President of Team City
3. President of Jazz Fir Friends Club (JFFC)

SHC Honda Plant Visit Organising Committee (HPVOC)
1. VTECian
3. Fatelmo
4. EKen4

Honda Clubs attending
1. HCOC (Honda Cars Owner Club)
2. Team City (Malaysia Honda City Club)
3. HAVOC (Honda Accord Owners Club)
4. MyJFFC (Malaysia Jazz Fit Friends Club)
5. 8th Gen Honda Civic Club
6. TOVA (Temple of Vtec Asia)
7. SHC Forum (the only group going from Singapore!)

Total no. of cars attending: 170
Totan no. of persons attending: 285

Media Coverage

1. New Straits Times
3. Malay Mail
4. etc

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Post by VTECian » Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:21 pm


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Post by VTECian » Tue Nov 14, 2006 1:14 pm

Assembly point location map at A Farmosa before we drive into A.Farmosa itself for the event. For those who miss the SHC convoy at R&R Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh and those not following the SHC convoy, please take note. Please meet at the Assembly point, DO NOT drive directly to A.Farmosa.

http://img143.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... jahzn3.jpg
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Post by VTECian » Tue Nov 14, 2006 1:54 pm

Please note the updated timings and details. The timings should be confirmed but please check back regularly for updates. Thank you.


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Post by VTECian » Tue Nov 14, 2006 3:14 pm

Parking Structure
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Post by VTECian » Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:21 pm

Another 12 hours to go and all details are finalised! See you at the earliest SHC meetup ever! :D

Oh, please read through all the posts in this thread again and use it as a checklist so you won't forget to bring anything!
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