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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:38 pm
by spellbro
hey bro u mentioned in your post the hot bits straight through muffler for $140. Is it possible to mention where to get it?

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:56 am
spellbro wrote:hey bro u mentioned in your post the hot bits straight through muffler for $140. Is it possible to mention where to get it?
Speedworks at Jalan 222 in KL.

there wea one in JB also but it closed.

can try the singapore branch also but need to fix it up yourself at your own garage...

alternatively you can try the famous Fong Kim, Jeep Chee and Mann's Exhaust to ask...

Not sure if it is legal tho.. probably not....

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:44 pm
by DaDude
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:25 pm
by spellbro
oh okay. nvm i just did mine today at jeep chee. thanks alot though =]

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:59 pm
spellbro wrote:oh okay. nvm i just did mine today at jeep chee. thanks alot though =]
wa.. you do STRAIGHT THROUGH Ar?? Got cert one ar?

must be legal one right?

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Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:35 pm
Poison List
Updated 13 October 2010

*please note - prices supplied are very OLD - current prices may be higher

Intake /Header / Exhaust


i) Simota Aeroform : SRI with Plastic Heatshield (ard $230)
ii) Blitz Sonic : SRI with Aluminium Heatshield (w/o piping) ($560+/-)
iii) BMC : CDA ($440-480) w/o install depending on size. Auto smaller
iv) Apexi : SRI (Around 180 plus $20 bucks for adaptor)
v) K&N : Drop-in with CAI piping (less than $150)
vi) AEM V1: CAI piping with AEM open pod filter ($500+)
vii) AEM V2: SRI piping with AEM open pod filter ($570+)
viii) K&N : Open pod (model 57i) ($250)
ix) INJEN : SRI open pod : ~$400
x) NINJA-RACING: All-in-one, piping, close pod and CAI ($373)
xi) Throttle body: (S$320) include installation plus anaylsis fault.


i) Hotbits Header : 4-2-1 Header (Ard $250) with flexi pipe
ii) SD Header (Non-Chrome) : 4-2-1 Header ($250) with flexi pipe from FK
iii) SD Header (Chrome) : 4-1 ($200) From FK
vi) DC sports Header 4-2-1 (Ard $700)
v) Megan Racing Sports Header 4-1 (Chrome) (Ard $240) (not available in S'pore, order from Amazon) Product No: MR-SSH-HC117


i) Supersprint : free flow muffler ($784 + $50 inspection fee, LTA approved)
ii) Hotbits : Straight through muffler ($140 with install, non LTA approved)
iii) Operated : Stock exhuast ($180++, non LTA approved)


i) Mugen thermostat and fan switch: approx $250

Engine Oil Cooler:

ATF Cooler:

i) Hayden : $240+ w install
ii) HKS : SGD 1100
iii) ARC : SGD 2300
iv) Permacool: $220 w install


Shock absorber:
Bilstein B6 or B8 F/R: $900
KYB Exel G (OEM replacement) F/R: $510
KYB AGX (4 way adjustable) F/R: $900 *Contributed by ongwc5*

Camber Kit :

i) SPC Front Camber Bolts : $130
ii) SPC Rear Camber Kits : $350
iii) J's Racing Rear Cambar Kit ( Ball Joint ): $ 500
iv) Kenny's Modified Stock Rear Camber Kits : $200+

Lowering Springs :

i) Tanabe NF210 (S$370++ w/install)
ii) APEX (S$350 w/install)
iii) Eibach Pro kit : $480

Coilover :

i) BC Coilover :Height + Damping Adjustatable (Ard $1250)
ii) Tomei Coilover : Height + Damping Adjustatable (Ard $980)
iii) Tein Coilover: Height + Damping Adjustatable (Ard $1800 for Tein SS)
iv) Tein Basic: Height Adjustable, Can Revalve ( RM2700)
v) Tanabe Coilover : Height Adjustatable only (ard $1900)
vi) D2 Coilover : Height + Damping Adjustatable + pillowball mount (ard $1700) best buy
vii) Hotbits Coilovers: Height adjustable only, RM2000. Revalve whole set RM480

Bars (Struts, ARBs)

i) Hotbits Tower Strut bar : ($85)
ii) Alutec Tower Strut bar : ($155)
iii) Neuspeed Tower Strut bar : ($230)
iv) Silver Front Strut Bar : ($110 w/install)
v) Summit Front Strut Bar: ($150 w/install)
vi) Summit Rear Strut Bar: ($180 w/install)
vii) DC sport front strut bar:(ard $500 w/install)
viii) OEM ES Engine Strut Bar : $75 w/ install
ix) Summit Lower Brace Bars : 2 point Bars x2 ($250 w/install)
x) Tanabe Lower Brace Bars : 4 point Bar ($250 w/install)
xi) Neuspeed X-Brace : 4 point
xii) Alutec Lower Tie Bar : ($100 w/install)
xiii) Summit Lower Tie Bar : $110 w/install
xiv) DC Sports Lower Tie Bar :
xv) Neuspeed Lower Tie Bar :
xvi) Front ARB : 25.4mm JDM ES ($180 with installation)
xvii) Rear ARB : 22mm DC5 ($180 with installation)

Brake System

Front Brakes Upgrade Kit

i) Prelude Recon : 282mm rotor + Bigger caliper ($380-$420)
ii) Wilwood Dynalite: forged/billet mini 4 pot caliper w 310 mm rotors, SSBH, brakets, etc ($1330+ w/install)
iii) Brembo GT 4 pot : 315mm Slotted or Drilled HT Rotor ( Approx SGD 2500 w/install )
iv) VTTR mini 6 pot: 286/300 2 piece slotted/drilled rotor (SGD$1,600 wif install at RaceTech - Ricky)
v) FD Brake caliper/rotor conversion 282mm, bigger caliper like Prelude - only this set is NEW ($450-$600)
vi) AP Racing 5220 series race-spec w/330 rotors and proper fittings to ES SGD$5,600 for new set.
vii) Option mini6-pot, Rotor size 286. Brake pads can use equivilant to WRX 4pot so got lots of aftermarket options... SGD$1,800

Rotors and Brake Pads

i) Brembo max slotted rotor with project mu bestop brake pads ($280 with install)
ii) Brembo Sports Rotors (slotted or cross drilled) : $380
iii) Project Mu SCR Pure Plus SD624 (262mm) Rotor : $480 with Install
iv) project Mu bestop Brake Pads: $120 with install
v) Brembo blank rotor(282mm) redrilled: $220 w/install
vi) Ferrodo Brake Pads: $110 w/install
vii) Hawk performance pads: pm Bravo for special pricing

Project Miu Rotors, Pads - Go to Stamford Tyres (esp at Jurong)

Brembo stuff and Hawk pads, go to bro Bro
Can look for bravo here:

Blk 9002 Tampines St 93
#02-40 S(528836)
T: 6786 2809 (Mon~Fri, 9am~5pm - by appmt)

Customised made-to-measure hub for 2-pc rotors for BBK @ Choon's, Garage R, or Espace. Other places of course have la. ASK them. price around $280-$450 whether optional hard annodizing done.

Rear disc conversion

i) ES3 conversion: approx $1.3k (direct plug n play, no mods req, rotor sz 260mm)
ii) EP3 conversion: approx $950 (need to fabricate bracket n re-drill rotors to 4x100, rotor sz 260mm)
iii) DC5 conversion: POA (need to fabricate bracket n re-drill rotors to 4x100, rotor sz 260mm)
iv) EK4 conversion: approx $800 (need to fabricate bracket, rotor sz 240mm)

Stainless steel braided hoses aka (SSBH)

i) EZess Steel braided brake hose with Teflon(4piece): $280 -$320 w/install
ii) Pro-RS PTFE Teflon Steel Braided brake hose (4piece) + 1L Ferodo brake fluid: $240 w/install
iii) Goodridge Steel braided brake hose: $200+ (front only)


*Price depends on width and profile*


i) Yokohama Advan AD07 15" 195/55/15 ($135-150)
ii) Falken RT215 15" 205/50/15 ($130-160)
iii) Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 [Thai]195/60/15 ($110-130)
iv) Bridgestone G3 15" ($90-120)
v) ContiPremiumContact2: 195/45/15 ($220)
vi) Hankook Ventus Prime K105 205/55R15 ($115-130each)
vii) Bridgestone RE01R 195/55/15($155-185) Discontinued
viii) Bridgestone RE001 Adreneline 195/55/15($120-145)
ix) Goodyear Eagle RS Sports 195/55/15 [Made in Japan] $145
x) Goodyear Eagle Asymetric [Made in Japan] $155
xi) Toyo Proxes T1R 195/55/15$120
xii) Toyo Proxes R1R 195/55/15 $175
xiii) Toyo Proxes R888 195/55/15$175
xiv) Federal 595SS: 195/55/15 - $88
xv) Federal 595EVO: 195/55/15 - $100


i) Yokohama ADrive R1 205/50/16 ($130)
ii) Bridgestone G3 205/50/16 inch ($130)
iii) Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 [Thai] 16" ($120)
iv) Toyo Proxes T1R 205/50/16 ($150/pcs)
v) Yokohama SDrive 205/50/16 ($160)
vi) Falken Ziex 326 205/50/16 ($120)


i) ContiSportsContact2: 215/45/17VR ($280)
ii) Dunlop LM702: 215/45/17 ($150)
iii) Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3: 205/45/17 [Thai] ($160)
iv) Toyo T1R: 215/45/17 ($200)
v) Bridgestone RE001: 215/45/17 ($220)
vi) Bridgestone RE01R: 215/45/17 ($250)
vii) ContiSportsContact3: 215/45ZR/17W TL XL ($300)
viii) Federal 595SS: 215/45/17 ($130)
ix) Federal 595EVO: 215/45/17 ($138)
x) Federal 595RPM: 215/45/17 ($150)


i) Apex'i turbo timer: ($160)
ii) Unichip ($800+)
iii) Greddy E-manage Blue : ($500+)
iv) Apex'i VAFCII (less than $500) without install or tuning
v) Apex'i SAFCII:
vi) Apex'i RSM : $310
vii) Blitz RVit : $480
viii) Defi VSD basic: $290+
ix) HKS F-Con SZ : Install & Tune ( RM2600 )
x) SMT6: $800+
xi) Greddy E-manage Ultimate: ($1500) install+tune
xii) Pivot Raizin Voltage Stabilizer VS $98 w/o install
xiii) Pivot Raizin Voltage Stabilizer + Grounding VS-E $148 w/o install
xiv) Pivot Raizin Spark VS-S $128 w/o install
xv) Pivot Raizin Spark VS-V $228 w/o install
xvi) Pivot Spark Earth $98 w/o install
xvii) Defi meters $270-$330 wif install 60mm or 52mm(if u can find 52)
xviii) Defi Controller2 $180
xix) Defi VSDX $540
xx) Defi Link Display $520
xxi) Defi Advance set of 3 plus Advance Controller... got to go ST Power to ask... :)


i) CF eylids : ($180)
ii) Custom make Rear eyelids : ($220)
iii) CF hood (OEM design) : $890 (MSRP)
iv) Billion Funnel : ($55) :x
v) Bonnet Insulator: ($55)
vi) Boot Insulator: ($90)
vii) Billion Air Duct: ($150 per metre)
viii) RPM Crank Pulley with Harmonic Damper ($270) *Any bro to put contact where to get this?*


i) EP3 original Honda emblem : chrome 'H', red background ($60)
ii) VTEC emblem : wordings onli ($13)
iii) i-VTEC emblem : wordings onli (unknown)
iv) sticker type VTEC emblem : silver color wordings($6)
v) JDM 'FERIO' Emblem : $25
vi) Rear 'RS' Emblem : $43
vii) Front 'RS' Emblem : $19
viii) Mugen Emblem : $12

Bonnet Chrome Tip

i) Sticker: in matt/gloss black (Ask Eeee78 for Pricing)
paint on chrome strip : ($25 - $30)
ii) Removal of chrome strip + sealing up holes on bonnet + respray bonnet : ($180)
iii) Honda Original Colour Coded Grille (for ES8 & pre f/l ES5) : $63

Boot Chrome Tip

i) Sticker: (Ask Eeee78 for Pricing)
ii) Painted Chrome Tip : Front / Rear ($70)
iii) Removal of Whole Chrome Part (ard 100+)
iv) Honda Original Colour Coded Trunk (for ES8 & pre f/l ES5) : $72


i) Customised 3M Nomad Carmat with heel plate and grippers - $145(std), $175(sup) , $80 without heel plate and grippers.

*Prices varies, kindly call and find out actual pricing from the relevant suppliers/shops.*

Maintenance List

Aircon Compressor Unit

Markcool at Woodlands, New $460, recon $220, labour inclusive.
Radiator Fan Motor, New $120
Look for Ah Huat, a real honest and friendly guy.

Thian Seng Motors Pte Ltd
Blk 261 Waterloo Auto Centre
Waterloo Street #01-22/02-24
Singapore 180261
Tel: 63371795, 63369777
Fax: 63361670

Thian Seng Motors Pte Ltd
Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-28 Singapore 151119
Tel: 62782407, 62782408, 62741110
Fax: 2782407

Thian Seng Motors Pte Ltd
No 122 Eunos Ave 7
Richfield Centre #01-07
Singapore 409575
Tel: 67433124, 67433651
Fax: 67432651

Tanly is also located at Waterloo Centre... if TS dun have stock , give Tanly a try. Sometimes, they have stock...

Drive Shaft problems (yeah the ES is getting old enough to have this problem now in 2009... so here's a recommended workshop to help check things out if your car goes tok tok tok when turning for parking, when steering is turned to lock.)

Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre
Blk 21 Sin Ming Ind Est Sec A #01-38 Singapore 575679
Tel : 6482 0215

Look for Jason & get him to check. Friendly guy.

This contact contributed by bro Fusion28

80k and 160k Major Service Timing Belt Checklist
Contributed by bro Vacuum:

Finally got all the items ready for my 160,000km servicing.
Hopefully, these infor can benefit those Brothers going for the same servicing too.

1) Timing Belt (14400-PLM-014) - S$28
2) Compressor Belt (38920-PLC-003) - S$16
3) Power Steering Belt (56992-PLM-T01) - S$16
4) Timing Bearing (14520-PLC-305) - S$65
5) Washer (94109-14000) - S$1.50
6) Packing, Head Cover (12030-PLC-000) - S$15
7) Seal, Spark Plug Tube (12342-P08-004) - S$4.50 x 4
8 ) Washer Head Cover (90442-REA-Z00) - S$$3.50 x 5
9) Oil Seal Timing (38x50x7) - S$6
10) Oil Seal Camshaft (29x45x8) - S$5
11) Pump Comp, Water (19200-PLM-A01) - S$95
12) Honda Long Life Coolant Type 2 (3.85l) - S$40 (will need 4 to 5litres)
13) Engine Oil 5W40 (Mobil 1 from Carrefour) - S$65
14) Green HAMP Oil Filter - S$8

Most if not all of the parts can get from Tanly or Thian Seng.
pictures of the parts here: ... sc&start=0

Front Lower Ball Joint Replacement
contributed by bro Hysteria4u

Follow this link to see the part, and price in USD. can order also.

Has anyone replaced the lower ball joint (on the front knuckle) with this part? I understand that if using original part, need to replace the entire knuckle. I came across this after-market part from Moog, Part No: K90332. Installed, and found to be of good quality and more affordable replacement. ... OOG-K90332

Engine Block Stablization
contributed by bro elg Tsakura

1) Engine dampers
Brand: Ingalls
Part Number : 93026
(In-car vibrations ratings : 2 out of 5)
*My own opinion*

2) Engine Mount Inserts
Brand : Energy Suspensions
Part Number : ENS-16-1111R
(In- car vibrations ratings : 2.5 out of 5)
*My own opinion again*

3) Teflon engine mounts (Customised)
* Ask Ah Zai, he knows wat to do
(In-car vibrations ratings : 4 out of 5)

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:48 pm
by firestone102
Anyone know where to buy + install Goodridge steel briaded hose ?

If mine is stock rotor and brake pad is it good enough ?

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:24 am
Espace Service Centre

Garage R


Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:02 pm
by c0c0nUt
Any bros here know where to get honey comb grill for our ES ? ? ? ?

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:11 pm
by ZenithSoul
out of production since last year..
that was wad stockist told me..
i think now only can hope for 2nd hand.. :(

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:35 pm
by c0c0nUt
Hi bro, thanks for the reply. Lydat sianz Liao . . That isthe best grill for our ES.

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:24 pm
by ZenithSoul
hi.. yeah.. that time i also sianz.. but i managed to find.. lols.. heard that was the last piece from that guy too.. hope u can find ba.. :)

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:24 am
by Wheelie45
Can any bro advise how much to replace starter motor?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:39 am

but better just ask your mechanic... he will have the current price.

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:44 am
by Wheelie45
Autobacs quote me $300..
MCDS wrote:$80

but better just ask your mechanic... he will have the current price.