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Important for All to Read

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Important for All to Read

Post by Honda_Primo » Thu May 05, 2005 6:19 am

SHC Administrators

- fsb ( Calvin ) ~ Advertiser's Fee / Overall Forum Control

- Honda_Primo ( Kelvin ) ~ Forum Management

- Pal ( Thomas ) - Forum Maintenance

SHC Moderators

- Dirt22 ( Joe ) - SHC Member's Registration / Events

- VTECian ( Justin ) - Club Treasurer / SHC Decals

- CHASE ( Jia Ming ) - Legal Aid

- KCLEO ( Hui Chin ) - Technical Aid

- HyperRev ( Roger ) - Forum Upkeep


Before you begin, please kindly read the following :

1) No repeated multiple postings in all folders. Offenders will be banned with immediate effect, if caught doing so. If u need urgent help or serious attention from the forumers, please contact the administrators / moderators via PM...we have better ways to assist you further.

2) No posting of ads to sell used / new items in folders other thanthe "Want to Sell / Want to Buy" folder. We will DELETE your ad without further notice. A permanent ban will be imposed on repeated offenders.

3) If you are looking for some items or want to buy some parts, please post in "Want to Buy Section", instead of posting in irrelevant folders which won't generate much attention.

4) If you are doing a business in SHC, you will need to pay an advertising fee. Pls kindly contact SHC Administrator - fsb ( Calvin ) thru PM, for more details.

5) Refrain from touching on sensitive topics which will generate into unwanted attention. You, as a mature adult, will be liable for everything posted in this forum.

6) Please refrain from posting full vehicle registration no. as a form of forum etiquette. You have been warned ...

7) Please contact SHC Administrators /Moderators, if you are having doubts with regards to any SHC-related matter. We will be willing to help you out to the best of our abilities.

We are constantly improving to make SHC Forum a better online portal for all. Please do your part in ensuring that it maintain this way. We also welcome valuable feedbacks thru PM if you have any.

SHC Forum Administrators / Moderators


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Post by VTECian » Wed Jul 27, 2005 11:27 pm

Dear Members

We have noticed that some of you who are using signatures and avatars which content may be inappropriate for a car related forum like SHC Forum. We are of course referring to signatures and avatars with scantily clad ladies posing in suggestive positions and the like. We have feedback from some members who access the forum from their workplace that these signatures and avatars can cause considerable embarrassment, especially when their bosses and colleagues walk past and happen to see what is on their screen. They may also cause "inconvenience" to those who surf from home and are spotted by their wives/partners/other halves who walk past.

We have considered the feedback received and as we certainly do not want SHC forum to acquire the reputation of a porn forum, we would like to advise members who are currently using such signatures and avatars to "tone down" your pictures for the benefit of your fellow members. We will be sending "friendly reminders" to members whom we feel have inappropriate signatures and avatars over the next few days to remove or change their signatures and avatars. Please co-operate with us to make the forum a better place for all.



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SHC Forum
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