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WTS: Alcon 4 Pot Brake Kit

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WTS: Alcon 4 Pot Brake Kit

Post by Accent » Wed Apr 29, 2020 2:01 pm

Selling 4 Pot Alcon (P-Type) Brake kit w/ Alcon 355mm rotors @ $1,700.
Brake pad left about 50% and rotors are still thick (32mm).
Rotors never skim before. Need minimum 18" to clear.

Please note that the 1 of the bleeding valve (outer side) on the driver side is faulty and had since sealed off using lock tight. Henceforth only 1 (inner side) is functioning. However, it does not affect the brake function ability and effectiveness. Passenger side is all good.
Brakes are still installed on my ride (Vezel) and buyers are welcome to view & test before buying.

Brackets (Alcon) able to fit Civic FD1/2/3/4, New Civic FC 3/4, Civic FN2R, DC5, Odyssey, CRV, Stream. Vezel. Jade have to double confirm. Take note min 18” Rims to clear. Cannot fit FD2R & DC5R

RFS: Dekitting
I am not in a hurry to sell so please do not low ball me.
No swap required but buyer has to pay for labour to remove and install back my stock brakes.
Please text me at 8322 0948 as I seldom log in. Thanks.

Thank you and stay safe
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