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New member, hello everyone

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New member, hello everyone

Postby SillySally » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:37 pm

There is no doubt that best free racing games are one of the most exciting free online games you can find on Manti Games anytime. We are always ready to offer a variety of unique online racing games, whether they are realistic simulations or die-hard racing tournaments with tons of explosions. The racing games on the website are incredibly flexible. Why don't you join us and try out the best racing games of the time right now?

Here are some of the most impressive car games of Manti Games that you should not miss:

1. Car Speed Booster 

Car Speed Booster - one of the most prominent names in the category of racing games favoured on our website. In this game, you can join any race you can imagine for free and anytime! You will become a professional racer in one of the biggest racing tournaments of the planet.

Do you want to become a professional racer in a few minutes?

However, it is not an endless race, and you will be limited to some things, such as speed. Notably, in Car Speed Booster, high speed is not everything, your rider needs to manage material and try to outdo the opponent while avoiding the cars going in the opposite direction. In addition, you need to collect some gold and special items that appear scattered along your journey. With your driving skills and upgrades from collecting items, a new racing champion will surely be born in Car Speed Booster!

2. Chase Racing Cars 

Being a professional racer has never been so easy in Chase Racing Cars - best free racing games pc to play online now! Coming to this exciting free online racing game, you will become a racer fond of the racing circuit. In addition to overcoming the opponents on the track, you need to collect as many coins as possible to activate the power of the bombs which can help you blast your opponent's car and escape from the difficult situations. Therefore, you must pay attention to some hitbox that appears on the road, as it is likely the bomb you are looking for. 

Pay attention to hitbox along your racing track to collect more bombs

Jumping into your car, collecting a lot of coins to buy the most modern car and ending this race in the shortest time. If you are a big fan of dazzling speed, Chase Racing Cars are the perfect game for you!

3. Supra Mayro Kratt

Supra Mayro Kratt is one of the most popular online racing games of all time. Based on the inspiration from Mario - a famous character from old style Mario games, Supra Mayro Kratt approached the player with a sense of humour and surprising gameplay. You can participate in this game as one of the main characters in the universe of Mario, Mayro and Luggy on an endless racing journey.

Best racing games ever inspired by Mario to help players gain the most fun time

Race to a new level with your intelligence and perfect balance in the best racing games on the Manti Games. Hold the steering wheel and make other aspiring racers enjoy the dust from your stunning car!

» To see other outstanding online games to play free on Manti Games, click this link: https://steemit.com/@mantigames

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