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Post by S-2-0-0-0 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:46 pm

To all potential S2000 Buyers out there,

Please avoid wasting your time meeting this S2000 direct owner (White color) who is NOT Steady at all.

Prior to that, this S2000 owner clearly stated that the car price is SGD 89K (non-negotiable). I respect that and fixed appointment to meet the S2000 owner ( Car plate: @@@8987@ ) to test drive the car. As we agreed verbally, the next day I shall talk to the finance first to make sure that this car can still loan under finance. Guess what? This S2000 Owner next day advertised in SGCARMART with the price of SGD94,800 and informed me that he had another 3 more viewings on following week. I even offered to top up the price. Unfortunately, this S2000 Owner went completely quiet and until today, his car is still up at SGCARMART for sale.

Bottom line is, please be professional and do not be a coward to say NO or YES but let's discuss more if he wish to sell higher price. That's NOT COOL!

Remember one thing, Willing Buyer Willing Seller. So, please bring the CASH (deposit) right on the spot to challenge this S2000 Owner to sign the paper, before he turns coward again please. Good luck!

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