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need advise from Pioneer 8850/9150 user

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need advise from Pioneer 8850/9150 user

Postby zorro8zorro » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:35 pm

Good day to everyone.

I just had my 8850 installed. I connected my iphone 8 to my Pioneer 8850 and can use the Carplay with no issues. But how to ensure it auto connect back after i restart my car again? It cant auto detect. Or did i do or not do something in setting?

BTW my phone is 24/7 connected to the cable unless i want to remove it out to download new music at home.

And can the WIFI using hotspot from main phone be Auto connect too? Auto connect which means i do not need to open my car drawer and touch my iphone at all.

Please advise.

:? :sigh:

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