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Fit / Jazz model year 2008 onwards
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Postby hammerhammer » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:30 pm

Hi guys. Need some opinion. My GE6 Jazz 2009 model MT 180,000km mileage. Recently when the car is idling with air con on or when I moving off and the rpm is low there is a ratting noise coming out from the engine. When driving there is no abnormal sound, engine is smooth. Then I get my mech to jack up the car and the noise is coming out under the engine compartment where the oil pan is. No sound from the clutch side. He open the clutch cover and check clutch is ok. He says needs to open up the engine and check. Suspend crankshaft or the bearings got problem. Not sure of the damaged. Anyone had such problem before? Can the car still be driven and will the engine be damaged in the long run? Please advice. So far engine is running fine without any degrading to the power or FC.

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