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Need 10 cars to enjoy special price for brand new battery.

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Need 10 cars to enjoy special price for brand new battery.

Post by sorrowtears » Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:33 pm

I get to know this battery manufacturing company, and he told me that he is willing to give me at the price of dealer price if I able to consolidate of 10 cars.

I manage to bargain to the price of with the sales manager as he is my friend
$55 for 45Ah 295CCA
$58 for 48Ah 370CCA
$65 for 60Ah 320CCA
$72 for 65Ah 450CCA

He willing to give me this price as they are quite new in automotive market in Singapore and hope the 10 of us willing to give words of mouth and review after we using it.
At the moment I already have 3 of my friends with me so I need only 6 more people to get this special price which I don't think I can get it from other place.

1) Ian Ang
2) Ken Ng
3) Eric Zhang
4) Soh L.S.
8 )

The offer will be deadline on 20 June 2014.
Hope you guys will get in touch with me.
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