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GB: Remote controlled Jack and torque wrench

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GB: Remote controlled Jack and torque wrench

Post by goodboy12345 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:48 pm

Dear all car enthusiasts,

I've stumbled upon a supplier for a remote-controlled operated Car Jack and Torque wrench.
Saw it at Li hong auto today and the boss Ah Ho referred me to the supplier for bulk buys.
So far, I've had a few orders already from fellow trackie friends so I guess its a track essential as well as a salvation for flat tires.

For more info you can check out the You-tube Video at


Or www.dyauto.blogspot.com

From what I understand, the RRP is $189,

I've contacted the supplier and after much negotiations, they could lower the price considerably if we have a substantial enough group buy. So far it goes like this :

For 5 orders , the price is $178
For 10 , $168 ,
For 30 and above , $159

PM me if you are interested, i've also posted on other forums to see if anyone else is keen

Lets start the ball rolling....

1. Po*****

2. Sk**3**

3. G**d******5

4. T*****

5. M***3***

6. J**h******


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