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Pioneer AVH 2350DVD issues

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Pioneer AVH 2350DVD issues

Postby calvinlee » Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:46 pm

Anyone using this headunit? Have encountered a few issues regarding this HU.

1) I have a problem of the player not being able to display all of my songs in a particular folder on my thumb drive. Reason being that particular folder has too many songs like more than 500. I can only view and play until song title starting with the alphabet 'W'. Is this a problem with the player itself?

2) I have a reverse camera connected to it and when engaging in reverse gear the screen shows up the rear view. But when I try to switch to the rear view when driving normally it just shows up a blank screen. How do I configure it to display the rear view when driving forward?

3) How do I enable the player to display chinese character? or is the player by default not able to do so?

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