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Legends Meet Up! 20/10/2012 SAT @ Turf City!

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Legends Meet Up! 20/10/2012 SAT @ Turf City!

Postby Yes SIR! » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:53 pm

Calling out to all owner's of old sports or performance cars! My friends and I are hoping to gather all sorts of collectors', sports or performance cars to get together for Kopi & photo taking! We already have Honda EG6s, EK4s, DC2Rs, DC5Rs, FD2Rs, 92 Mitsubishi FTO, 94 Subaru WRX(GC8), STIs, Toyota Trueno AE86 and hoping to meet more!

COE is on the rise, LTA is on the ball, we don't know how long we can keep our beloved rides! So let's enjoy our hobby while we can! No restrictions on makes or models. We just hope to see nice cars and car lovers turn up! If interested, can leave your name, contact, make, model. We will plan for a nice place to meet & take photos! May God Bless All Car Lovers! Thanks For Reading!

Date : 20/10/2012
Time : 3-6pm
Venue: Turf City(Bukit Timah)

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