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GB1: Xerapol Plastic Polish at $25 nett -to close by 6 Oct

Group-buy folder exclusively for members only !
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GB1: Xerapol Plastic Polish at $25 nett -to close by 6 Oct

Post by gerries » Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:44 pm

Watch This First!
Step 1: Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibzgMAxOYaA
Step 2: Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwbur6F5 ... re=related
Step 3: Watch MUST watch! Using Xerapol to polish my Touran's dashboard acrylic - http://youtu.be/VZ24wFO8tQk
Step 4: Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcgQTG0ZBME Sorry, it is in German. This is the Official promotion
al video.

Are you convinced? If not. Please read further below some bros reviews.

I have just ended a Group Buy for the Volkswagen/Audi Forum, in just 2 weeks I have gotten 50 participants, visit the thread http://www.vagsg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73460


For more information on Xerapol, a German made product, visit

My personal videos of using Hexane and Xerapol

(1) Using Hexane (Acrylic Cleaner) to degrease and clean acrylic grills - http://youtu.be/SDQ0-kfhHMw

Please avoid re-creating (by 're-Quote') the thread so that we can have a shorter posting and not having so many pages. Once you have either PM or SMS (82331688) or email me at the.gerries@gmail.com, I shall add your name to the list INCLUDE HONDA in your message. Thanks.

This is a Group Buy for 30 sets of $25 Xerapol + $4 30 ml bottle of Hexane = $29

Group Buy Participants
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One scirocco owner's story ....

Post by gerries » Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:04 pm


I am the owner of the pair of hands holding the Xerapol and the Hexane in this picture. I am also the owner of a 8 months old Scirocco. Over time, the instrument cluster tends to get a little dusty, and accumulate finger prints and dirt. I stupidly went to use a microfiber cloth to clean my instrument cluster thinking that the microfiber cloth would not scratch the plastic. WRONG! The clear plastic on the instrument is very soft and scratches extremely easily. Whenever i was behind the wheel and the sun shined in at a certain angle on the instrument panel, you could see all the fine scratches.. very heart pain. very irritating.

I went on a quest to try to source for some plastic polish to try to remove the scratches, did a search on the internet. Asked some of my friends if they faced the same problems, kena suan left right centre by my friends for being anal but bo bian ,very irritating to see all the scratches. here are some of the products i tried,

1. Meguairs Clear Plastic from Autobacs
2. Nouvus Plastic Polish from Self fix DIY
3. 3M Plastic polish also from Autobacs,

Sadly none of the products worked. I went to some of the car grooming shops to try to get the to fix the problem, they told me that it was a common problem - a lot of people use tissue to clean the plastic on the instrument cluster and inadvertently end up scratching it. I then proceeded to call up VCS to check if the plastic cover could be replaced. Apparently, the instrument panel comes in a complete cluster, i.e you need to replace the whole cluster, costing around $800++ excluding labor.

I kinda gave up all hope and resigned myself to living with a scratched instrument panel. Quite anguished as new car.... That is until i went to collect the Hexane from Bro Gerries. He told me that he just used Xerapol, and that this product is able to remove scratches from the instrument panel.

He told me that he also faced the same problem and had been searching for a product that could remove the scratches. He found this product from Germany on the Internet (obviously his googling skills are better than mine). He also told me that he tried out on his own instrument panel. Was a little sceptical at first, but after looking at his shiny and scratch free instrument cluster, plus the kind gesture from Bro Gerries, to allow me to try some Xerapol on my instrument cluster to aid in my decision making. We proceeded to degrease and clean using the Hexane first and then used a little Xerapol on a cloth (according to Bro Gerries, the cleaning cloth comes w the product, correct me if wrong) and started to work on the instrument panel. Just a tip, dont need to use too much Xerapol, a little bit goes a long way.

Bottom line - Xerapol bloody works! With a little elbow grease, we were able to remove the scratches from my instrument panel. Very very impressed with the product. My instrument cluster is now nice and shiny, looks like it's been professionally buffed.

Thanks bro Gerries for the Hexane wonderful product for removing fingerprints and dirt from the instrument cluster. More importantly ,thank you for the excellent googling skills and the lobang for the Xerapol. It's a miracle product!

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