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Need advice with accident claim.....

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Need advice with accident claim.....

Post by Wping » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:44 pm

hi bro, got an accident with a OPC- Perodua car n decide not to claim insurance as mine was alrdy 3K+ so not worth to claim....Juz a minor knock onto e bumper n was chop with a 3.8K of claim...Swollow it down n pay cold-hard-cash to Perodua Dealer at Ubi....tot all was settle to avoid sky rocket price for my insurance but invoice stated replacement of ORIGINAL bumper, fender, bonnet, headLight, front grill, blah blah blah...add up of 1.2k+ for parts, but labour cost was 2.6k+++!!!! WTF....lanlan again.....aft all was done, & money was PAID, request to see photos of old n new parts changed which most authorize insurance claim workshop would do & they refused to show me n say - Dun ned worry lah, we sure change NEW + ORIGNAL!!! ONly God Knows...any advise on how to complain them to CASE or others???

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Post by yeobt » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:37 pm

IMO, u can't really do much since u had paid. U shld take pics of damages
prior to the repair. Take this as a lesson learnt, consider yourself lucky that
it costs you only 3.8k n the owner willing to let u pay in cash. Some owners
will juz go straight to claim your insurance by claiming not juz damages but injury
too. That will easily add up to ten of thousands.

Good luck n drive safe.
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