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New CRV 2012?

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New CRV 2012?

Post by roxy23 » Mon May 23, 2011 9:50 pm


Date: May 18, 2011 13:13
Submitted by: Jeff
Source: Brenda Priddy & Company
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The 2012 CR-V is coming, earthquake/tsunami delays notwithstanding. A gent was able to snap this pic of a prototype testing on the streets of DC recently, and his photo found its way into the awaiting arms of Brenda Priddy & Company. Here's what she has to say:

CAUGHT: 2012 Honda CR-V!!

Honda has been doing a good job of hiding the next-generation CR-V, but today, we've finally caught up with a lightly disguised prototype!

The biggest changes appear to be at the rear, where Honda almost looks to be taking a page from the Volvo design handbook. It's possible that the extra space in the back is making room for a 3rd row.

The 2.4L four-cylinder VTEC motor should continue to be the only choice. Though we expect it to get a modest bump over the current 180hp, as well as a modest gains in fuel economy.

While the earthquake in Japan has delayed the start of production by about a month, expect the new CR-V to start rolling down the assembly line in Ohio, as well as Alliston, Ontario, in late Fall of this year.

Photo Credit: Robert Whitley/Brenda Priddy & Company

As a side comment, I hope the speculation is inaccurate and that Honda hasn't wasted any time (or cargo capacity) developing a 3rd row of seats for the CR-V. They are barely functional in much larger CUVs and take up precious cargo area even when they are folded flat. When the 3rd row seats are deployed, there is virtually no cargo area remaining behind them. Anybody who's checked out the 3rd row in a RAV-4 can see that it's a foolish idea with no merit other than to claim the existence of a 3rd row. That said, it does appear that the 2012 CR-V has been given a bit of the crisco treatment (fat in the can).

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Post by FrederickChunn » Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:58 pm

Well, I have read that the 2012 Honda CR-V is the best crossover to whom who wants the all-new version of of a benchmark compact SUV. And for me, Honda got this one mostly right. :D
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