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Can auto trans car be manually shifted?

Need technical advice ?
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Re: Can auto trans car be manually shifted?

Post by DIRT22 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:52 am

Spunkett wrote:NOTE: Please pay attention to your engine revs when switching down so as not to overrev the engine. eg, if you are going at 180 and slip it into gear 3 to help you brake, your gearbox will suffer damage. Some gear boxes have electronics to prevent engagement if it is over-revved. Some don't.
The automatic EK4 is an example of an earlier generation car that had such a 'failsafe' mechanism heh heh.... The TCM prevents the gears from downshifting in the event that the engine loads (RPM) will exceed the parameters deemed safe as programmed from factory, even if the gearstick has been shifted as such. Tried and tested many many times along the NS highway and on track; at high engine and car speeds when you think you can downshift to get abit more grunt and you shift the gearstick accordingly from D4 down to D3, the gear does not change until your RPMs have dropped to a range where when the gear DOES change it will rev up to a point that is WITHIN the rev-limit of the car.

Fantastic! You'd need to be a complete dumbo to be able to thrash the gearbox that way! (which admittedly I became one eventually muahahaha....)

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Post by SpiNeFarM » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:35 pm

roadrunner wrote:
SpiNeFarM wrote:What bro Xiaonick say is true though...drive the way you want it at your own risk :wink: ...though mine is still good to go....been 7 years.. :roll: ..hope it'll last for the remaining 3 years haha...otherwise...the scrapyard may come a calling sooner than expected... :lol:
Frankly speaking. NATSTEEL had been calling for a long time liao.
I know lah, unfortunately..i am not as rich as you lah...so have to stick with this old scrap metal lah. :evil:
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