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Other Honda Models

Stepwagon, Mobilio, Beat, Dunk, Life, Legend, Concerto, Insight etc
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Other Honda Models

Post by autocar321 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:22 pm

I've had this about a week, and I love it. I managed to get the one and only bike the dealer got. I was told the dealers are only getting 1 a month. The dealer I got this one from said he won't see another until July. Always wanted a custom chopper, but, hey, I am a working guy with all the bells and whistles that go with it! This bike I can afford, and being a honda, finish and reliability are tops! Everyone that sees it thinks it is a custom one off......should see their faces when they find out it is a Honda. In the 41 years I have ridden motorcycle, this bike creates all that it is about, and is a real joy to ride. I know I sound like a commercial, but it's true.

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