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2009 SHC decals ready for sale at Feb meetup

SHC official merchandise
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Post by knighterd77 » Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:48 pm

Finally I got the SHC art... prototypic indication to this car meetup and was unregenerate. Anticipate I arrived too embryonic, and saw a meet of Honda Fit cars around. Intellection I was at the right property and then knew they are the Fit/Jazz groups.
So I grasp around and start asking group for Honda port group.

Eventually someone told me they are at the incoming 2 rows of carpark, haha, speedily go over and bought the decals. At the comparable dimension, I swarm my city and vantage to mix around with them. Saw a few citys with very good mods, rattling enviousness coz mine is really gunstock. I justified saw one with Mugen kit, wow, really overnice.

Then came a municipality that seem in the fashionable takings of Hotstuff! I was snoopy and play to prize his rattling nicely finished mate. I remain to hang around till I saw two 5Gs port. Went over to jaw with them and their journeying is very respectable too.

I bury one target is I forget to commerce happening with them. I moldiness look the next meetup again and comic to experience much fill. This is my prototypical meetup and is a fertile one.

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