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Need advice - Car beyond economic repair

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Need advice - Car beyond economic repair

Postby johnnyloo » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:11 am

Hi all, need some advice here.

I was involved in a traffic accident recently. The other party did not check when making a right turn and knocked into my City's driver side. My car was sent to Kah Motor (KM) for repairs, as I still send my car there for servicing.

It should have been a 3rd party claim against Income (the other party's insurer), but Aviva (my insurer) advised doing Own Damage (OD) first as Income was slow in response. Aviva said they will follow up with claim with Income thereafter.

KM quoted $19k for the repairs on my car. Aviva said they can only authorise repair costs up to about $8k, due to the high COE of my car at the point of purchase. Beyond $8k, Aviva will likely declare "total loss". Aviva suggested bringing my car to another workshop if it can repair my car for less than $8k.

My car cost $108k and is only almost 4 years old. If total loss, Aviva said it will pay at most $52k. I'm not the party at fault in the accident, but I now have to suffer losses due to the accident.

What should I do?

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