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** ALERT: Termite infestation at Sin Ming **

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Re: ** ALERT: Termite infestation at Sin Ming **

Postby loise21 » Sat May 27, 2017 1:20 pm

ml2spin wrote:Sorry -- was too pissed off at having to waste more $$$ to post this earlier and I thought it was just sheer bad luck...

But after reading that a WRX driver was also "bitten" outside Sin Ming Autocare area at 8pm (!!!!) on wednesday night on Subaru forum, this could be the start of a new wave of pest problems on the roads.

I was hit at 430pm just after picking up the car from paint shop at SIn Ming -- more details about my suay week later in the blog thread. Was bitten by Lousy Organic pest control in Sydney Arse 14 who hauled me off to a short 3 min drive back to STA sin ming for inspection. Failed that and now awaiting the officlal "love letter".

So be warned and carry more bug spray in this period!!!!

Hello ml2spin,

I am looking for termite killing spray,
can you tell me from where I can find effective and affordable termite killing spray or any kind of termite pest control products??

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Re: ** ALERT: Termite infestation at Sin Ming **

Postby witither » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:29 am

Coat or splash wood (or another cellulose material) equitably with boric corrosive.
Plant the boric corrosive snare in the garden close to your home or in an open pervasion.
Beware of the goad station routinely and renew it with boric corrosive as required.

termite inspection sydney

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