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End of COE /New car dilemma

Civic model year 2000 -2005
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End of COE /New car dilemma

Post by slauz » Sat Oct 17, 2015 3:11 pm


I have a Civic ES(?) that's expiring end of Dec 2015. I am thinking of keeping the car for another 5 years as per my calculations this car would save me $3000 every year vs buying a new car (Nissan Quashqai 2.0).

Current condition of my Civic (132,800Km):
- engine oil leak, but never had to top up oil. Will this be a major problem?
- gearbox - sometimes jumpy when moving from parking (may be because of parking on a slope). Did a ECU check last month all good.
- 1 radiator fan not working (but air con-still good - aircon compressor/condenser(?) replaced last year)
- due for another timing belt change?
- minor body knocks
- steering wheel peeling off.

What would be the major issues I may experience for the next 5 years? love the ride of this car? may look at changing the HU if I am keeping it.

Thanks guys.

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Re: End of COE /New car dilemma

Post by MCDS » Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:36 pm

Oil leak is normal for old car - just need to do a gasket replacement with a good workshop - one time problem. Actually your car only 132,000km? hardly used - most definitely can keep if not abused. In fact, if you renew COE, you should change all the RUBBER seals on your engine and radiator hoses, fuel hoses, etc... not expensive... do it one time, peace of mind. Rubber... 10 years old... now not spoil, soon will spoil. Gasket changes and full set of rubber seals all over the engine... should not cost more than couple hundred bux...

Gear jumpy - need to change GEAR OIL. nothing to do with ECU or maybe gear selector sensor - this is a at max $300.00 problem
Radiator fan replacement motor is about $180 to $200 depending include labour to change it or not. Usually, just change BOTH fans because labour charge will be for one time work to access the 2 motors... because one spoil... the other will be going soon too.

Timing belt change is every 80,000km - you are still far from 160,000km -- that would be a major service as you will need to replace the water pump and all the tensioners etc related to the beltings - parts alone around $380 if memory serves - labour another $300... if you scrimp on the water pump, when it fails, replacing the water pump is $80-$120... Labour is $300... better to do it all at once right?

All of it can be done at ONE workshop - you can negotiate a package and labour charges will be much better than doing it peacemeal because it's one time labour... If you need a reliable workshop, please message me. Got East side, Got West side. I go to these workshops and so do many ES owners - trusted and reliable with reasonable pricing. but it's your money, and your choice, you can go anywhere you like. you can even go back to Kah Motor for a quote and compare :) but I'm not sure if Kah will charge you for consultation or not hor... hahaha...

it would probably be good to do a chasis tightening of bolts, plus wheel alignment and full brake service as well to replace the rubber parts in your brakes too.

everything above can be done in one day. provided you give advance notice to order in all the required parts that need replacement. or you can go shopping yourself at the various suppliers for the parts.

Hope you get the information you need here...

Cheers for keeping the ES!

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Re: End of COE /New car dilemma

Post by slauz » Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:24 pm

Hi - Many thanks for your reply.

I have decided to sign up for a Nissan Qashqai - couldn't resist the 5year warranty and 5 services. I guess this is a different car - lifestyle choice with facility to put bike on rooftop etc.. kids will love the panoramic roof etc.

I have been a Honda loyal customer - I had a Honda Euro 2.4litre in Sydney but have not been impressed with their new cars recently. Their designs are becoming crazy.


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Re: End of COE /New car dilemma

Post by damonchua23 » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:48 pm

Any item to dekit?


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