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Vezel Hybrid 2017, poor mileage

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Vezel Hybrid 2017, poor mileage

Post by panikoschris » Tue Aug 30, 2022 7:09 pm

Good day,

I recently bought a used vezel hybrid 10/2017, which gives me really poor mileage 12-15 Km / l on eco mode on or off it doesnt really change much.

Weather at present is still really hot, over 30oC, and i have read that this may affect the battery usage as a self protective mode, thus using the engine more.

The more i keep reading though that almost everyone with a hybrid car does over 18 km / l, it makes me wonder that my issue may not be weather related by i may have been cheated by the person who sold me the car and that the batteries may be having an issue.

So my question really is? Is hot weather indeed a factor that my restrict battery use resulting in the consumption i mentioned?
If its not, how do i check that my car hybrid batteries are still good or if the car has another issue that may restrict it from using that power?


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