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JAZZ 1.3L AT (Nov 2008) gearbox

Fit / Jazz model year 2008 onwards
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JAZZ 1.3L AT (Nov 2008) gearbox

Post by sanityinsanity » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:20 pm


Gearbox giving problems.

Intermittent sound when changing gear 2 or 3.

Intermittent rough sound and sluggish response at low gear.

Was told by Kah Motor that it's gearbox problem and need to rebuild eventually.

Any advice if I should go to Kah to do it or do outside?
If outside, any recommendation on workshop?
Dynamic motoring transmission specialist in Woodlands seems to have good reviews.
Which workshop has better workmanship?
I guess price wise Kah will be more expensive.

Thanks in advance!


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