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2009 Formula 1 Singapore GP Volunteering

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2009 Formula 1 Singapore GP Volunteering

Post by rearwheels » Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:51 pm

Hi all,

Helping Sports Council to recruit volunteers for the next F1. Pls take a look.
Dear Car Club Moderator / Fellow MotorSports Enthusiast,

On behalf of Singapore GP Pte Ltd, it is with pleasure that we would like to invite yourself and your club members to be part of the 2009 FORMULA 1(TM) Singapore Grand Prix.

Be part of the excitement in this once-in-a lifetime experience! Experience the Formula One(TM) car up close, and be part of the event that bring Singapore to the world map. This special invitation is only extended to selected car clubs, so do encourage your club members to form their groups, and join us today!

Should you or your club members require any further information, please do not hesitate to send them to race-officials@singaporegp.sg and we will gladly attend to your enquiries.

So, why hesitate! Visit us at our recruitment portal at http://raceofficials.singaporegp.sg for more information and register with us now!

Excited after watching the inaugural 2008 FORMULA 1â„¢ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix?

Envious of the Race Officials who were trackside, waving the various racing flags, dashing across the track to clear impact debris, or recover the majestic Formula Oneâ„¢ cars from their immobilized state?

Tempted to be a frontline witness to pit-stops actions and experiencing the cars thundering out of the Pit Lane?

Do you fancy being a part of a special team of Formula Oneâ„¢ Race Officials to do your part for this amazing event, and relish the pride and passion that comes with being one?

If your answers to the above are resounding and unequivocally yes, yes, yes and YES!, then do not hesitate further and join us by signing up as a volunteer Race Official for the 2009 FORMULA 1â„¢ Singapore Grand Prix!

Registration for Race Officials starts on the 8th December 2008 and will close on the 23rd January 2009. We only have about 800 slots available for the 2009 FORMULA 1â„¢ Singapore Grand Prix slated to be held on Sept 27th 2009. Please visit the following pages for more information on the Race Officials Pre-Requisites, Roles & Responsibilities, Conditions & Policies and more.

We are looking for Race Officials who are physically fit, as they are expected to be standing for almost throughout the entire event, responsible, effective and most importantly team players.

Short-listed Race Officials are expected to attend an average of 7 to 10 days of training (mostly weekends). This includes theory lessons, practical training sessions, a mini-shakedown, as well as race-week deployment. Training will cover Formula Oneâ„¢ and safety protocols, basic marshalling knowledge, trackside operational procedures, circuit information, etc. Upon allocation to their roles for the event, Race Officials will be further briefed on the know-how of race officiating and the finer aspects of the skills specific to them. Experienced Australian Race Officials, together with our Singapore Grand Prix Senior Officials, will be training the Singapore Race Officials.

Besides being a part of history in the making, Race Officials who have achieved a full training attendance and attended all four days of the Grand Prix will receive an exclusive certificate of appreciation and professional accreditation from the Singapore Motor Sports Association.

This is an opportunity not to be missed! Come and be part of the action on 27th September 2009 and have an experience of a lifetime!

Remember, Motor Sports is dangerous but with the right preparation and knowledge, Race Officials will be ready to officiate at the 2009 FORMULA 1â„¢ Singapore Grand Prix and be part of history!

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