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Super Import Nights 2008 Autostyling Showdown

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Super Import Nights 2008 Autostyling Showdown

Post by super import nights » Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:20 pm

SIN 08 Autostyling Showdown registration will be held @

SINgaPORE EXPO Conference Hall G ( Located Between Hall 2 & 3 )

Date : 6th September 2008

Time : 3pm

Note : Registration is open to all ( Total maximum of 50 cars )

All registered cars will be on display at the Singapore Expo during the SIN 08 on 18 - 21 Sept.

For enquires pls contact @ 9325 2539

Bros & Sis,

SUPER IMPORT NIGHT 2008 is back on Sept 18-21 .


A key highlight for Super Import Nights 2008 is the SIN Autostyling Showdown finals that promises to bring out the very best of automotive pimping and creative styling.

This year's concept would be based on popular western concept of autostyling where contestants can focus their attention on certain categories of autostyling.

The judging for this year's competition will be based on an international standard and sanctioned by the National Custom Car Association (NCCA) based in U.S.A.

As indicated above, this year's competition will be a lot different from the normal autostyling competitions held locally. In fact, there will not be any local judges involved in the judging process. Included in the list of Judges is Luis Vega from Miami. An international manager with NCCA and a veteran in custom car competitions, Luis has been involved in many competitions around the world and has also been touring the states with the popular Hot Import Nights for their custom car competitions.

The judging will be split into various segments:

Registration & Qualifying
This round basically determines whether or not you make it to the next round at Super Import Nights 2008. All judging will be done by the Judging Team that will not feature any local judges. The organizers from Three Angles Production will thoroughly photograph each car and the judging will be made by NCCA.

Final Showdown
The final showdown takes place at Super Import Nights 2008 which will be held at Singapore Expo Hall 5 from September 18 to 21, 2008. A final showdown brief will be given to all qualifiers 10 days after the qualifying showdown has taken place

For Application form pls go to :