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Post by aprilfool » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:54 am

I received a letter from this si call TYRE QUEEN PL with the above heading,

the letter stated Honda Co Japan has a recall campaign for some of their

Honda cars.

Its say the exercise involve checking for the defectice part and din say exactly which part

how to verify whether that this campaign is true

did any bro here also recv this letter

my airwave was bought from pinncale

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Post by deanlim » Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:29 am

this is the latest recall from honda japan due to possible leak in the brake booster



Check if your VIN Tag number is inside the list

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Honda REcall Campaign

Post by jengwe » Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:58 pm

Hi DeanLim,

Thanks for posting the official Honda Recall info.

It helped me to confirm that the PI wasn't trying to pull a fast one.

I then checked against my car VIN against the list and also called LTA to confirm.

LTA simply said that as long as the vehicle owners went to any mechanic to check and obtain an endorsed statement from the mech shop, call the original PI that sold the vehicle to mentioned that the part has been checked, the vehicle owner has done their part.

I received a letter from PinXXXXXXcle that has now gone into the black rubber business. What they mentioned was to check the Brake Booster Pump, and if found defective will change out the part (FOC) but labour will be charged for it at $150-200.

I found it strange and I called Kah Motors and they mentioned that for Recalls, part and labour are FOC, however, they don't do Airwave recalls and have been switching out window switches.

In recalls, its Honda Japan that foots the bill, both part and labour, so there may be a chance that car dealers may want to exploit this for sales.

I asked my own Mech and they told me that they will perform the Brake Booster Pump changeout for 120 if I brought the part to them after getting it from the PI.

I had to get to the bottom of this, it is after all the Brake Booster Pump, so I still went to the PI.

The check turns out to be to determine if Brake fluid is leaking from the Brake Booster Pump, if it leaks, its quite evident as Brake Fluid is a very strong paint stripper and you will see patches of paint being stripped out within hours of exposure.

My Brake Booster Pump turned out all right and the PI mechs quickly became Black rubber and Battery sales men, checking my battery voltage and such.

What I finally requested from them was a statement to state that my car was checked and the Brake Booster Pump was found to be ok. That's when they went into defence mode, claiming that the Manager was not around to signed such a statement. Finally after some coaxing, the mech ticked their record form and I zapped a copy to keep.

What I am stressing on for the last part is a safeguard against future accident claims.

LTA will collect the forms from all PIs to ensure recalled cars have been checked, but I think the onus still lies with the car owners, so protect yourselves.

I have also met up with owners that fall within the list of VIN numbers that have not received any notification. So call LTA to confirm.


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