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RB3 Extremely High FC

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RB3 Extremely High FC

Post by brendon1980 » Wed Jul 14, 2021 5:26 pm

Hi All,
Need some advice here for the RB3.
Previously I had O2 sensor problem which caused the engine check light to come on. That was fixed.
Also I had some issue with the brake pump which pushes the brake pedal outwards when you brake when the AC comp kicks in (by right usually will soften downwards), had that resolved
At then at the same time thou when the brake issue came along, I have also this nightmarish problem which comes into the picture and unable to resolve till now - the fuel consumption (Not normal considering the way i drive, or rather the FC is so extreme that I noticed the difference.)

No idea which is affecting the FC, its is extremely high. Now clocking at 7 to 8km/l, even thou I tried driving with an extremely light foot and very very slow speed using momentum to pick up mostly (worst even at picking up and driving on the highway.) Can say I am the slowest car on the road. This is extremely frustrating. What i noticed was that even at slightest tap on the acceleration pedal when picking up, the bar indicator shows to stay at 3km/l and takes awhile to shift up (presumably due to gear change). No idea what is affecting it.
Car has never been modified and parts are original or OEM replacement. Extremely stock. Thought it was the engine oil leak but checked and no leaks found.

Can't figure what is the issue. Will resetting the ECU help? I don't know. Seems to be that the lower gears could be holding/dragging too long(??) and the power distribution also gone haywire with the gear change. Anyone can help or encounter such? Appreciate much. :pray: Thanks.

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