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Jazz GK5 Manual Conversion

Need technical advice ?
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Jazz GK5 Manual Conversion

Post by bopehchao123 » Sun Sep 04, 2022 12:31 am


Hello ladies and gents,

I bought my GK5 CVT awhile back as it was a relatively good deal then. Just about had it with the CVT. Can’t wring out the L15B properly. RPMs are slow to build compared to a manual.

Was wondering if Anybody here is knowledgeable on this topic? Have a workshop here that is willing to do and have quoted about ~$ 6.5k - $ 7k

Specifically, I have a few questions:

1) How will inspection be like? My research shows that conversion to manual is legal provided that I can show to proper documents. Emailed KAH Motors to try to get a gearbox from them or at least get a proper endorsement from them but was rejected. If I just swap it without such documents/approval, will i pass inspection? Hearsay quite a few cars of other makes that swap manual go inspection no problem.

2) How will insurance be like?

Any other tips and advice will be great! Thank you

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