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2017 Honda Odyssey RC1 Absolute

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2017 Honda Odyssey RC1 Absolute

Post by redviper51 » Sat Nov 11, 2023 12:47 am

Just got this yesterday. This is after 3 models of Subarus including the Forester CY. Before that I was driving the Old Civic EK3. This is the PI version. The Smart light testing warning light came on. Dealer asked me to go their in-house workshop to rectify. Messages are all in Japanese. Thankfully there are translation apps around.
Any idea where I could get a manual for this ride? Previous owner must have changed the hu without reconnecting the steering wheel control wires.
Otherwise, I am loving the ride. As you get older, you get to enjoy rides like this…
Grateful for any assistance to this old noob!

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